Settle It, Inc, offers two services: processing and document preparation for student loan consolidation and debt settlement. We are dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to the marketplace. From our product offerings to our marketing strategy, we’re committed to helping individuals achieve financial freedom. Our Consolidation and Debt Specialists will help define a path for those that may find themselves with the burden of student loans, or unsecured debt, and guide them on the road to financial recovery!

Why Choose Settle It?

Expert processing and document preparation services for Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Our proven services result in Consolidated Federal Student Loans, One Lower Monthly Payment, Federal Student Loan Rehabilitation and Federal Student Loan Forgiveness (in certain circumstances).

Flexible Debt Resolution Repayment Options

Our plans are designed to be flexible to meet the different and changing needs of clients. Our certified Debt Settlement Specialists can help you choose the best repayment plan to fit your needs.